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I am still thinking what type content to put here on a consistent basis.  Don’t wanna post too much personal things though, toys maybe? Or travel, but when I think about it I don’t really go out that much 🙂 Maybe toys and my hobbies and likes that can help other people or general geeky stuff.

On a side note, its just 50+ days before Christmas! I miss my familyback home 🙂

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Gundam Fix Figuration Deep Striker

Awesome Gundam fix figuration pics that i saw from this guy
Too bad the figure is not readily available.

Credits go to the website I got the pictures from

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Still kicking

It has been awhile since I posted something here. Been busy or just plain lazy. A lot has happened lately, maybe I’ll just summarize.

1. I was finally able to go home to Manila (to visit my loved ones)
2. Work ok I guess ( of course the longing to transfer to something I enjoy doing is still there, I only live once so I’d better not regret anything when I come to the gates of heaven 🙂 )
3. Love life going strong hehehe, ups and downs but I know it’s pretty normal in a relationship.
4. Contemplating on a lot of stuff lately, hope everything works out for the best.


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Singapore Chronicles

I arrived here in Singapore March 20, 2010.  Armed with just my wits, guts and some hundred dollar bills I began my adventure.  It was sad parting with the people I grew up with and people I am close to though I know things are for the better.  I still miss them up until now. 🙂

I stayed with my sister’s place to tour Singapore and to hopefully land myself  a job in IT.  I spent the days confined in the room that me and my sister share, looking endlessly for openings  in a couple of different jobsites that I know of. I sent more than a hundred applications by email and also sent automatic applications through various job sites.

When I’m not job hunting, most of the time I eat at the hawker place  just around the corner.  For just S$2.50- S$3.50, I could already get a full meal.  Of course, I also tried to eat at the familiar eating places here as well, McDonalds or Burger King when I’m stressed or craving.  I also contacted and met with my friends and former colleagues here.  Clarke Quay, Suntec City Mall, Sentosa, Sim Lim Square, and Funan IT Mall are just some of the places that I have been to.  I wish Belle was here to be with me while exploring the different places here in Singapore. 🙂 Little by little, I’m already getting familiar with different areas in the island.  There are new attractions as well like Universal Studios (although this is already reserved when Mama and Belle come here hopefully in August) 🙂   I also came to know a lot of Ate’s friends–there are a lot I tell you. 🙂  I also had the chance to attend few Church services here as well.

Highschool Buddy

After 2 interviews, 1 offer letter signing, a lot of prayers and with the approval of Ministry of Manpower of my work pass I will be able to start working here as a Data Center Specialist in 1 Net Singapore.  This all spanned a total of  18 days since I arrived. God is good! 🙂 As of this writing I think I just need to get my medical examinations in order and that’s it. I pray that all goes well so I can start work.  I pray that my work will not burn me out as well.

That’s it for the moment.  Hoping to update this blog soon!

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Summer time

This same time last year we were in Boracay to enjoy the sand, the sun and the beach. I know we will be back there soon =) It’s sizzling hot here in Manila, I can just imagine how blue the waters are and how hot the sand is in Boracay today. 🙂

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Acer first to have Nvidia ION 2

Acer is the first manufacturer to include Nvidia ION2 as a discrete graphics card chip on its line of netbooks. ION 2 as we all know is the successor to the ION (which was a gimped Intel Atom paired with Nvidia 9400 graphics card.)

Coming in with Intel Atom’s refreshed “Pinetrail platform”, the ION2 solution however does not integrate the processor and graphics card. Instead it is setup as a discrete graphics card inside the notebook due to the fact that Intel did not give out QPI license to Nvidia.

Acer is also introducing their new Optimus technology. This technology allows for switching between integrated graphics and discrete on the fly, preserving battery life when discrete graphics is not used (HD movies, light gaming et al.)

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I’m a little bored.  I’m waiting for something big.  Something that may probably change my outlook in life. Something  that might free me from all the dramas in my life.  I have goals in my mind summarized into 2 words. Bank and development. What that is..I leave it for you to decipher.  I like to make it big, God knows how much I want to find my place (career-wise). I know I’m going to get there, hopefully I get there soon!

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Groundhog Day(s)

Feels like everyday is a repeat.  Rewind, fast forward, rewind..could I just insert and playback a  new tape? I want to snap out of soon as possible!

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